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Do yu have articles on older women and younger men relationships?

Published on January 6, 2010 by noraima

Three months ago, he proposed it, not me. He's 38 and I am 57 but look like 47. He's very attractive (looks like a Grecian soccer player) , but so am I (as I've been told). We have wonderful, complete sex every 2 or three days. He has no parents alive but I have met his siblings and is aunt. He told me that at 20 he already dated and lived with a 42 yrs old nurse and he prefers older women since young ones are immature and get pregnant.
At first I was confused but after I saw a program on Cougars and tadpoles I let myself go. But I am not a movie star with lots of money. After I read your article on "How t tell if he's into you" I guess he is... Thank you