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Do you think that zodiac signs can help tell if you are compatible with someone?

Published on November 3, 2012 by marta.m

I love reading about zodiac signs. I'm an Aries, and I have found that much of what I read about Aries really reflects who I am. I am curious to know whether guys of certain zodiac signs are better for me than others.


There is no magic formula. You are going to have to use all the brains and intuition you've got to make a good choice and avoid a bad one.

You DO know that stars are just massive balls of fusing hydrogen and helium, and that their positions in the universe at distances of many light years from us have absolutely nothing to do with human behavior don't you?

Personally, Im into zodiac signs.. As an aries, your best matches tend to be sagittarius' and leos (maybe even aquarius and gemini).. and you probably clash with capricorns (all of my aries and capricorn friends secretly hate each other lol).. However, there are people that we're supposed to "click" that are just annoying and complete dickheads. I would pay attention to astrology but never base your decisions off of it.. good luck!