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Do you think your not being understandable if you brake up with your girl because she always workin and never tryin to see you?

Published on March 2, 2010 by hoodskilznta

I've been in this relationship for almost 5 years now, the first two years was wonderful she was still working at the time and we was seeing each other almost three to four times a week.. all of a sudden she just started working and seeing me at least once a month that's if I'm luck. i tried understanding but at the same time I'm seeing pic of her going to party, and on her way home from school she could also pass by my house but she don't... i don't understand she cries like she love me but we been through that three or four times before.... so i felt that the best way is to just leave her alone.... i really forgot how being in a relationship really suppose to feel because of her... i know that we had to different life but at a point she wanted to marry me, and that not how a relationship or a married relationship suppose to be...