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Do you think we're meant to be? It's really hard ffor me to understand

Published on April 28, 2013 by carrvazquez

We only met twice, he lives in a town wich i visit alot because of riding. We've been talking since february from last year almost DAILY. I used to start the conversation and he would keep it going for like days. I told him that i liked him on summer and he was like ''well carr, idk u that well but thnks for letting me know, it's really important for me''

And well we continued talking, he is really kind with me. On October we got into our first fight and got trough it, then we got like into 3 or so more fights and things stared to get a little weird.

Everytime we have got into a fight i never attack him, instead i just tell him he's better than that and to cool off, because he's not doing me any favor so he needs to stop talking me that way.

One time we fought I told him I was dating someone just because I was mad, so everytime we talked after that fight he was like ''well, we can't go out you have a boyfriend '' or like '' don't you have a boyfriend?''

He was at Pitbull concert with some friends and he tells my bestfriend ''well Car and I got into a fight but i'm really glad we got trough it just fine, she's really nice'' Then he was in a party drunk and he texted me ''HEY CARRRR!!! HELLOOOOOO HOW R U??? KISSES''

Stuff like that.. we've got like into 3 more fights but we always find our way back.. The thing is he just feels right..

I tried to convince myself ''he's not for you'' I actually kind of fell for other guys but they just wouldn't convince me..

I know it's really hard for us to date because of the distance and he hasn't told me that he loves me or anything

the other day i was texting him we were talking about a problem i have and he was like really kind like '' hey don't worry, everythings gonna be fine sweety trust me'' and stuff like that and then a friend told me he was at the hospital because of an injury and still he was answering me like in a minute or so in a really sweet way..

I went 1 week (Holy week) to help a country and he was texting me the whole week 24/7, His aunt died that week and he also had his birthday and he was still texting me and everything

I know it's really weird and everything but I feel like really sure that HE IS the one for me, the thing is when we try to meet fate steps in and for some reasons we can't and i'm like well, this is it.. but it isn't! we still talk normally, I know I can trust him and everything..

We got into a fight last week I cried for like 2 days because i tought i would never talk to him again, and that I should just give up.. But everytime I got into the computer it was full with pictures that said '' Don't give up, you're halfway there'' and stuff like that.. so I talked to him a week later after the fight and guess what? everything's okay now!

I don't know what to do, I mean it's alot to count but do you think the wait will bring somenthing good? Do you think we're meant to be?