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Do you think this guy likes me?

Published on November 20, 2013 by saybabyyy

So there is a guy who might like me. Here is how I know: So I live in a dorm and whenever we enter the dorm we have to open the door, swipe our card, open the next door and show the sticker on the card to the person sitting at the front desk. The sticker is proof that we live in that dorm. So for a few weeks now, I've noticed that the guy at the front desk has been staring intently. When I swipe my card and go to open the door, I always catch him staring intently at me. Then when I show the sticker, he always says thank you. He only says thank you to me and not to anyone else. Even when I'm leaving the dorm I always catch him staring intently. One time when i was swiping my card to enter, I look up and saw him leaning over in his chair and staring at me. Once when I was leaving the dorm, he was sitting in a rolling chair and rolled over to get he wanted to talk or something. He always stares intently and sometimes it's so intense that I look down. I only see him twice a week and he always does this every time I enter or leave. I don't follow him on twitter but he posted: "Knew it ever since the moment I called you out" and there was a thumbs up symbol.

I met him and we talked for 1 hr straight. When he asked for my name, I said "Sarah" and he smiled and said "Now I can call you that." He asked me a lot of questions like: do you play sports, my college and future plans, if I watch this tv show he watches, etc. We laughed a lot and had a good time. Now whenever he sees me, he smiles that smile. He asked me if I can cook and I said yes. One hr later on his twitter he posted: A woman that can cook has already won half the battle.

Last week I walked with him to his dorm and I gave him this dessert that I made. He smiled really big and said "aw you're so sweet." Then he said "I guess I'll tell you how they were on Friday then." I told him to text me, but when he was about to pull out his phone to get my number, he gave me his number instead. Then he said "Give me a hug." We hugged and then left. Later I texted him my number and he said that "the dessert was very good :) I like them alot, thank you!" We only see each other 2x week and we always talk and he always asks me questions about myself and kinda flirts (like he'll say Oh I'm sure that class will be easy for you). Whenever we see each other we talk for a good 30 mins and he's always the one that starts the convo. When I leave for class he says: "Okay I'll see you after class then." When I come back he always asks how class was. When I have to leave to go to my room I say goodbye and he looks very sad. Then he says, "Okay I'll see you on Wednesday then."

Does he like me? Will he ask me out? We've known each other for 4 weeks now