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Do you think i may mean something more to him than just friends with benefits?

Published on October 16, 2013 by misselle

I have been sleeping with a guy for almost 3 months. He broke up with his ex in march of this year. I'm not really sure where I stand with him at this stage but need an opinion as to what its all headed towards. I usually head over to his place and watch a movie or play monopoly. Sometimes we even go out to play mini golf or just recently the show which is sort of like a carnival. I stay the night and we end up sleeping together. If he has work in the morning and has to leave he will always kiss me good bye while I sleep. Most of the time he iisn't generally that affectionate. For example when we went to the show we didn't hold hands. I asked him about it and he told me he has never really been that way. Anyway this Saturday night wheni saw him he was somewhat drunk and he asked me if I was sleeping with anyone else. I said no and asked why. He answered with just curious. I then asked him the same question and he said no and that's not how he rolls. He then asked if I would get jealous if there was someone else. I told him not jealous but I wouldbt like it if he was to pick up something and give it to me even though we are taking all the proper precautions. Im wondering why he's asking? What are your thoughts. He texts me first almost every day with random comments and shares things with me regarding him looking to buy a house or a change of career. He msgd me recently saying his pillows smell like me. Originally he did express to me that he liked me but hasn't mentioned it since. Is it possible he is unsure about me now? We have slot of laughs and fun but do you think I will ever be more than just someone he sleeps with? Is that what I'm classified as? I don't want to ask him personally.I didn't sleep with him until a month into it. Before then we would just catch up, go to the movies or the beach. Admittedly I wasn't 100% sure about whether I wanted to get involved with him so I was the one who pulled back a little in terms of affection.


well, it do believe that he might like you and he has definitely thought about you more seriously but i don't think he is ready yet nor that he knows exactly what he wants and maybe if another girl showed up he could just dish you off. i think that you might be too available for him. try being more like friends with him and do the things you always do for a while but without sleeping with him and see how it goes. let him chase you for a while and realise whether he really wants you or just finds you always available. meanwhile don't block other guys and try to be more flirty with others. it will make you way more wanted and attractive to his eyes!