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Do You Regard A Post Op Transsexual As A Woman?

Published on April 17, 2009 by monica freeman

With Transgender woman all over the world, and some of them looking better then REAL genetic women, How do YOU view them? Sex changes have been around for almost a century and getting very sophisticated. And men, regardless if they confess it or not are attracted to the ENIGMA of boys that became women! Some of the USA's most beautifull TS are Mimi Marks, Erika Norell, Erica Andrews, & Yoshiko Oshiro Lets have YOUR opinion on this subject, afterall these ladies aint going Nowhere soon, and are here to STAY. And as a MAN would YOU consider dating a PO TS.? Lets hear it here!



If a transsexual identifies as a woman, regardless of surgery, I will call her by the pronoun she prefers. Gender is so much more complicated than the sum of our parts.

I agree with Lyz. The TS I know have their own ID. Some are female, and want to be seen as nothing but female. Then the others have a different term for themselves. Either way it is what they prefer. Tough admittingly, if it walks, talks, and acts like a duck......

I agree, gender is so much more complicated than the parts we have. true TS are rarely seen on TV, and they sure wont go on Jerry Springer! those are just attention grabbers, True TS complete surgeries, and dissapear into the mainstream.

I treat folks as they wish to be treated. I would treat the person as she chooses. I find no difficulty here at all.

I came out 20 years ago, and have learned a great deal on this subject... Technically, A post-op Transsexual is only a post-op til she heals, then she's no longer post-op, but a woman. Transition is completed and there is no more Trans anything, just a woman. the journey is over. The enigma with TS women is primarily with pre-op and non-op TS women, the ones that haven't or wont be getting the final surgery. Post op women are a minority in the TS community for a number of reasons I wont go into here. Most truly straight men aren't willing on taking a chance with TS women after surgery,(for obvious reasons) The main bulk of men that admire TS women are looking for pre and non-op TS, and in my experience aren't truly straight, but bi or gay, and in denial. Most will say they don't like men, even say they find them repulsive, and prefer femininity, but the thing that attracts them to us is most masculine thing on the planet. Those same men will over look a post -op TS even if she's nicer and better looking, and is more of everything he says attracts him to TS women in the first place. The reason for this is the lack of male genitals, or an unwillingness to use them as a male would. I have lost many lovers over the fact that I wont engage in male sex acts before my surgery. I'm lucky that I've met a man that loves me as the woman I am, and enough to help me complete my transition. It's long hard road out of hell :)