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do you need spiritual help? i am a living testimony

Published on March 3, 2013 by ritaluv

do you need spiritual help? i am a living testimony? do you need a spell cast to bring your Ex husband back. Dr. Oduma will help you the way he help,,, just contact him right away he will help. Dr. Oduma e-mail:


While this person is not really asking a question but rather advertising their role as a person who casts spells, there is an important piece to this - spirituality is an important role in our lives and should not be excluded from how we approach relational problems. Having an understanding about how your spirituality bears on your current problems and how it can affect how you move forward can only enhance other methods you use, if everyone is open to how they relate. This is the case when a pastoral counselor is involved - see my expert article on this topic for more information.