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Do men feel they have to kiss their date on New Years Eve?

Published on January 3, 2010 by moonnavyblue

I was on a date New Year's Eve with a guy I dated in high school 17 years ago. I really wasn't expecting him to kiss me at midnight but he did. after the kiss which really wasn't very intimate, he hugged me. What threw me off guard was when he was saying goodbye to me all he did was hug me and said i'll get a hold of you and that he had a great time. About an hour after he left he text me and said he made it home okay(we were having a winter storm) and he had a nice time thanks!. He is shy and quiet. So I guess i'm just wondering if he is interested in me or if he felt like he had to kiss me at midnight, just being a nice guy?


My guess from as much as I got to know, studied the mentality of men and still am. He probably had mixed thoughts thinking he had to since he was really in the moment and happy it was new years OR he likes you if he's attracted to you. No guy will go after a girl for their personality.

Guys will do things sometimes because they think they have to. But reading this, it may be interested a little. I wouldn't get my hopes up or expect anything since guys can change their minds an stray at any moment. Since there's nothing showing too much on his interests, It was just a New Years thing.