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Do I tell him... I love him!?.

Published on November 8, 2010 by geeselouise

6 months into this relationship. I am affraid to tell him how i really feel. I think he must know....but does he? Does he need to? I am his first relationship after his divorce ( a year ago). He has had some flings but I am the first real relationship. I have met all of his family and friends. We have co-mingled are children. Everything is wonderful. Is it really important...or am i just being a girl about this?


You need to tell him that you love him. Revelation play important role in relationship. Reveal everything you felt about him.

I told my boyfriend I loved him first. I wrote it on the back of a Starbucks receipt and put it in his Tattoo binder (he's a tattoo artist). He texted me the next day he had work and said that he loved me too, but he had been too big of a pansy to say it. You can do something like this, but you also have to be prepared (as I prepared myself as well), for a responce you don't like. What if he said "You know, I love you as a PERSON... just not like that..." then you pick yourself up, and say "I understand, I just wanted you to know how I feel. Don't feel pressured at all to say it until you're ready." Because seriously, would you want him to say it because he was pressured to, or because he really does feel it? If you're really in love with him, then you would pick the latter. Hope this helps! And I hope he says it back as well. :D