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do i make a move to be more than friends?

Published on August 6, 2010 by curious girl 33

well me and a guy friend have been friends for about 20 yrs. we met when we were just kids his girlfriend was my bf and i dated his bf which had passed away about 1 yr after we all broke up it was just a summer fling. anyways one day we kissed and i told him I couldn't do that to my bf . after about 15 years we reconnected. now it has been about 6 months . every time we are around each other we kiss and hug. or he makes it a point to tell me he loves me even if we are hanging up on he phone. if i go to his house and when i am leaving,ete. I was in a relationship at the time we reconnected but it ended and last month i went back to my old boyfriend.. I actually introduced him to one of my friends and it bothered me at first they hit it off now it is so well just like mine. just a few days ago we hung out and once again we kissed and i told him how i was afraid it would ruin our friendship he made it a point to hug me and tell me he loved me is it just as a friend or what?


Curious girl 33 It seems that you and your friend are really feeling each other. It has been 15 years since he dated your bf and you his. You are not the kids who met years ago, you have grown into adulthood. I would suggest you telling your friend about the feelings you have for him and ask him about his for you. Instead of wondering and guessing what's happening, it would just be easier to relieve yourself of some un-do pressures by just talking to him.

If you two are really good friends, it shouldn't be that difficult to communicate honestly with him. And if what he is feeling is simply "friendship," then cherish it. Good friends are hard to come by these days. At any result, you still win.