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Do I Let Him Go?

Published on July 6, 2012 by lagray

I Met a man on a dating website, I went to meet him, I liked him and vice versa.  He lived 2 hrs away from me I went to meet him. Since then I had moved and now I am 6 hours away, I hadnt been able to go see him for medical reasons on my part, however we kept texting or chatting on fb.  I had told him that I felt people could not really get to know one another through texting or chatting and I would prefer we talk over the phone.  I suggested for me to call him, but he always dodged my question.  He has never really opened up to me, during our texting. Never called to see how I was doing as I had been in an accident, he did not like my posts on FB because I posted things about God, at the beginning I was straight forward with him about my spiritual belief and he didnt seem to have a problem with it until recently, we had been chatting for a year now. The sad thing is, I can count on both my hands how many times we chatted... not much. I started posting hints about our relationship, not bad things but things that were bothering me, and I had talked to him about them.. He got upset with me, I informed him he needed to accept me the way I am or  it wasnt worth continuing in this next to nothing relationship. I Blocked him on FB and he deleted me... I felt like we were acting like 2 teenagers.  He never once expressed his feelings towards me,accept that he was glad that I came into his life and felt there was a reason why I was brought into his life, because of the lack of communication between us, I started to feel like he was just stringing me along.. He also seems like the type to get angry easy, and my way or the highway type.  I have feelings for this man, but he told me I was too far away, and so I didnt bother responding back as he should have thought of that before he started a relationship with me.( he'd become upset if I told him that, so I just didnt bother to text back) SHOULD I LET HIM GO?


Like a fish! Throw him back into the water!!! AS far as the semi-relationship! You have to have priorities. If! god is no.1! The god should be. Trust in god in everything! You want a man that can compliment you! And you the same. If! your beliefs are strong! Then do not compromise for the sake of a man! There is a difference between wanting a man. And needing a man.

Needing a man is because you need him to survive ea. day. Wanting a man is to have someone to share your life with! BIG difference!! Make god no.1 in your life, trust in him. He knows what is best for you.

Thank you for your intelligent Answer, God is no.1 and I do need to trust in him..true..he does know what is best for me!and will provide me with someone who is right for me! Back into the water he goes, where the sign says NO FISHING. lol.

I'd say yes. I've had over 6 yrs of dating guys who had 'no problem' traveling and by date #3 it was another story. So if he implied he'd work with you and doesn't?....that's pretty common; sad but true.

His 'my way or the highway' can be infuriating. So you blocked him and he ups the anti. You're right he is rigid.

Now you have 2 problems: 1. distance 2. personality. It's tough enough for couples who get along to deal with distance. A negative personality will never help.

Sadly, time to move on...find a rigid guy nearby or a flexible guy far away or maybe -jackpot- a nice guy who's local.

Yes, I have decided to do so...I havent spoke to him in over a week. Yes I believe someone better will come along, I certainly deserve better!Thank you for your reminds me I am doing the right thing.