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do I have to listen to my friend's advice

Published on November 25, 2012 by nuttynice

Met a guy at a wedding he has got almost everything am looking for,am also interested in him and would love to start a relationship with him ,told my friend about him ,she told me to forget about him and look for another person,she claims the guy is no good,he isd a gold digger,liar, and he is doing sugar mamas,now am confused ,I love the guy but don't wanna get hurt.What do I do?


For one thing, it's a crush, not love. You just met. Obviously your friend knows a lot more about him than you do. Listen to her and say, "Pass. Next!" Choosing a great guy takes both your brain and heart. You're only using your heart if you ignore what she's telling you.

if u realy trust her and this hapend with u b4 and she was right abut the other guy listen to her but if not go for a date with him u'll get to see by urself if he's a good or a bad guy many signs will show u he's personality cz sometimes people r injustice wz each other and in both ways u'll regret it if u dated or nt.

Yes I hear wat u say bt I dnt really trust my friends judjement bcoz in the past she once encouraged me to a guy who was very shady and wen I reasoned with her why am doubting to date the guy she kept on telling me that she knows him he is good only to find out that he is a monster the only thing she made her to encourage me is dat the guy is a doctor.She likes status ,people with money and she always say she wil never date a guy who doesn't have money.Is she not a gold digger?How can she judje a person by his past?

dear all u have to do is to listen to wat u want this time u wont lose anything and am sure u'll realy get to know the truth abut him from his acts his look he's everything cz maybe ur friend is a jealous person she'll ruin ur life if zat so. good luck wz him