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Do I have a chance to get my ex lover back?

Published on May 2, 2010 by likenatural

I dated and fell in love with another man while I was married. We dated for 7 years and he wanted to marry me, i couldn't get a divorce then because of financial reasons. My lover gave up after 7 years and started dating another women and has been dating her for almost 2 years. He wants to live with a woman and I do think he loves her, but after 2 years she won't let him move in with her. She is 55 and has never been married. His mother just died and he has just inherited a lot of nice furniture and since she has a house, this seems like the perfect time for them to move in, but she doesn't seem interested in that. So he is going to have to rent a bigger place for his new furniture. I am sure he is probably very disappointed that he can't move into her house after this length of time in dating and make a home together. He does spend 2 or 3 nights a week with her. I am now now divorced and would love to get back with him. We talk on the phone sometimes, email and text. I don't know exactly how he feels about her because I can't ask. But the fact that he spends 2 or 3 nights a week says a lot., doesn't it? We have hinted to each other about us being together, but I don;t know if he is really thinking about it or not. I know he still cares for me and if he sees me more often will probably care for me more. He has told me that he has a deep love for me, but he hasn't made any moves. I asked him to come have a drink at my house and we'll sit outside. He was very excited and said yes. I will not get involved with him while he is involved with someone else. I don't exactly know how to handle this. Do you think I might have a chance since I want a serious live in partner and it doesn't seem as if she does. She lets him come and go, but that is the extent of the interest she has shown and I know he wants more. Any advice on how to handle this?, Kathy