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Do I break up with him or not??

Published on February 2, 2010 by justina316

I'll keep is short. I started school last week and yesterday my ex got switched into my class because Friday the 29th was the last day to switch classes and your schedule. I've been with my man for almost 2 years and has been nothing but loyal to him and I've was honest with him and told him yesterday. He freaked out on me telling me he's going to leave me if i stay at the school. I told him I would switch classes and he wont accept that. I have financial aid and books I just bought and I've done sooooo much to make school happen for me and I can't helped that he was switched into my class. I can't go to the other campus like he wants me to there's so much work processed that I had to do to get into this campus. Ahhhh I don't know what to do ='(


I'm confused by your letter. I don't think I understand what your saying. He threatened to break up with you if you don't transfer out of his class? That doesn't really make sense to me. Why wouldn't he want to be in the same class as you? What's really important is getting the education that you want and need. If you really want to take this class, take it. Don't let him or anybody else tell you what to do when it comes to your schooling. You're in school to get the best education that you can get for your future. Nobody should deter you from that.

Your new man is a control freak and suffers from an extremely rare level of insecurity. Your ex boyfriend who transferred into your class appears to have some issues as well if he transferred intentionally into it, especially on the last available day to do so in order to make sure you didn't transfer out. Either way, you're in a tough spot.

Bottom line, you have to do what is best for you, and in all likelihood that is pursue your education. You have to pursue your own interests, and not give into a man who has obvious control issues.

If you have to choose between your education and your man, you choose your education.

Wow. If this dude loved you and wanted what was best for you he would encourage you in your education. He is insecure and taking it out on you. I completely agree with Michael on this, you need to get out and get an education. It's too bad. If this guy had been supportive then there wouldn't be a problem, but because now he thinks there is a problem there is a problem.

If he loved you, he would want you to stay and succeed. He is freaking out for no reason, you have been with him 2 years and he still doesn't trust you? I'd be asking questions, plus if he is that self centered and selfish to actually break up with you over this, then he is not worth it and it wasn't meant to be.