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Do guys normally kiss during sex?

Published on June 4, 2009 by junebug3

Ok, I finally had sex with this guy I've been seeing and the entire time during it, he did not kiss me. Is this normal? The kissing beforehand is great and very sensual and hot, but then none during sex.

Just wondering if this is the way most guys are? This guy was my first time btw.


hey girlie, You have got nothing to worry about... my man rarely kisses me during sex and it's just because, well, he doesn't like to kiss. It doesn't mean he cares for you any less as long as he kisses you sometimes... most girls like to kiss... most guys not so much... but most guys will kiss if they know their girl is into it. So if you want more kissing action, let him know you love the way he kisses... he may just be shy and think he's a bad kisser :-) Good luck!

Well, its different with every man. Some guys are really into kissing during sex and some aren't. Like noangel says, you should say something to him about it. Tell him that you love kissing him and you'd love to do it while you have sex.

my bf does that. i told him that it bothered me and that i like it when he kisses me. now he kisses me all the time.

sometimes he does get carried away with all the rest that kissing gets forgotten. but no worries. :)

Well, you could see my answer to the quesion about four items up, called What does it mean if your guy makes love to you but never kisses you. Your question is less complicated, though. Yes, some men don't kiss and some do and some kiss sometimes but not others. You don't have a problem here, I suspect, just more of a communication thing. And, as you are both inexperienced, he may be getting acarried away with what is happening to the rest of his body. Remind him that kissing is a turn-on and doesn't have to stop becasue you have progressed to other things... enjoy each other.

That is not always true. I love to kiss my girlfriend during sex. In fact, the more passionate the kissing gets, the better for me. Some girls I have dated though, don't like to be kissed during sex. It just depends on the person.