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do guys like it when a girl approach them?

Published on February 16, 2013 by lovessa

I have been seeing this in the hallway of my college every day around the same time for the last month now. And everyone he comes in, I would be sitting on the bench against the wall with my friend or by myself waiting for my class to start. The second day when I saw he walked, looked over at me while still walking ahead the hallway. And he has been doing it every day now. He comes into the building sees me, stares at me I look back at him, until once I decided to wave at him and he smiled and waved back. Now lately when e'er er he comes in and sees Me, he smiles at me. Now maybe he's just been friendly, which is why I don't want to approach him. Last week I sitting there waiting and decided to get something from the vending machine, I went around there, and he was there sitting listening to his iPod, I short of a quarter and he was the only one there so I asked if he had a quarter, he smiled and handed it. Now since I saw him again, same thing comes in smiled and keep walking. Until I was outside on my phone, he walked past me, and went around the corner of the building and came back in. And as so as I came inside off my phone I bumped into him , I said sorry and just looked up at him, he just smiled and nodded and walked off. It was awkward. Now yesterday Valentine's day, when my class in that building ended I standing by my procedural waiting to talk to her and I looked at the door and saw him passing by, so smiled and waved and he slightly stop and smiled and wave. Noe when I came out the class with my friends, she n I saw him standing down that, And he just looked. Now I don't want to read too much into this, so what do you guys think? So I approach him, and if how?