First of all..."Lucky you", I did everything short of hooking up an x-box down there to get my last guy to go down. Yeah, a lot of guys really do like it and get off on pleasing the woman first. So if he continues "to insist" let him please you. Yet if the whole act of it makes you uncomfortable then tell him. Good luck!

ConfusedLady, I think some men do enjoy it, or at worst, simply don't mind doing it if a woman likes it. There are just as many men that simply won't under any circumstances. I do it, and don't mind, except for recent stories about a link between oral cancer from HPV virus acquired from women by going down on them. I'm rethinking future oral pleasuring. However, I will say this - I went years without reciprocation, then I had a few consecutive lovers that performed oral on me first without any coaxing from me. I can take or leave oral - I only want it if a woman truly likes doing it. I've had my share of half-ass blowjobs from women that only did it because they assumed I wanted it. I say enjoy it if your man does it. Do you reciprocate?

I love going down on a girl. The more she gets turned on, the more I get turned on. I love to make a girl cum and cum and cum again until she can't cum anymore. Whether that is by eating her out, fingering her or doing so by intercourse, I love to make girls cum. That is SO HOT!

ConfusedLady... my question would be... why do you feel uncomfortable when he wants to please you in that way? It sounds to me like you are very young still and that you are not quite ready for SEX at all. Are you having SEX with your BoyFriend as a means to keep him interested in you? When the feelings of True LOVE begin to settle in... every aspect of touching, fondling, caressing, kissing, and SEXual Intercourse becomes intensely Erotic, Sensual, and Beautiful. You are a female and if your brain is functioning normally and properly when you truely Fall In_LOVE endorphins will be released that will send your mind and body to the heights of exstacy and you will feel such a deep connection with your BoyFriend/Partner/Mate that nothing about the ACT of LOVE Making will be uncomfortable to you. Just be sure that the SEXual acts you are engaging in are because it is truely what you feel in your heart and mind that you want.

I would venture to say that 88 percent of ALL the heteroSEXual MEN of the entire World greatly enjoy giving oral stimulation to their Significant Others. It is an extremely Intimate act. You are literally giving over all of your vulnerability and opening yourself up to your partner while revealing your most secret imperfections.

Good Luck though...

You sound a lot like my ex. No matter what I did I could never make her feel comfortable with me going down on her.

I think your BF is probably happy to do it. He probably wants to please you and turn you on. I know that personally that I enjoy doing it, but its more about that I love seeing the girl enjoy herself and get aroused. But honestly if you don't enjoy it and don't like to reciprocate than maybe its just not for you. Like Timoteo I went years with half assed blow jobs and a gf who hated being eaten out. I realize now that oral is only fun if both parties really enjoy the act. So I think unless you like the act don't bother.