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Do exes typically come back?

Published on March 1, 2010 by minneiah

From any woman's experience - does the man who has broken her heart usually come back (weeks, months, years later)? I want to know what kind of restitution women get when jerks break their hearts and leave them? Or do jerks just get away with being jerks their whole lives?


lol i love this question, ive been through this and it really depends on the guy. and what he did, how he is a jerk, if he is a straight heartless asshole, he might come back, but most likely it would only be for sex and you dont want to go down that road! I cant tell you if he will come back for sure or not, but if you want him back if he is worth the effort, act like you dont care, dont try to get ahold of him, be sneaky, go somewhere you know he will be and flirt with another guy in front of him it will piss him off, and make him jealous and he will start to think about what he did, make the boy realize what he lost, if you really cared about this guy it will be hard as hell to act like your okay but if you really want him back thats what you have to do, guys have a way of knowing when a girl is over him and when they know that you dont needor want him anymore is when they think they need you and want you back. hope tis helps =]