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Do Bad Boys Fall in Love ?

Published on April 5, 2010 by surfgirl

I've been hooking up with a Bad Boy for over 6 years. I've been giving him freedom and I've been selective about where I'll allow our connection.. (usually only at his place, not at mine). He's acting like he wants an opionion about things.,my clothes? Please let me know what you think...


I'm not sure I understand. You think he might be falling in love with you because he is expressing an opinion on your clothes? Or is there something else? Honestly, bad boys can fall in love and they do, but they don't change because they are in love and if he's been with you on and off for 6 years and never once said, "I love you." I wouldn't get your hopes up.

My question for you is, why are you in this one sided relationship? What are you getting out of it? Are you just hanging on hoping one day he falls in love with you?

Yes, I hope he is falling in love with me. Shall I ask him if he's in love with me? Shall I get up the nerve to ask him where this is all going? A few days ago I saw him, and I was planning to ask him where we are headed, but I lost my nerve. He sensed something wasn't right and asked me: "what's wrong?" and I shook my head like there was nothing wrong. We hook up together and that could be the reason he calls me all the time. Any ideas what I could do to "lay it on the line?" Please let me know any ideas........THANKS!!!