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Divorced and can't find the time for lovin

Published on April 10, 2009 by proudmary

I'm divorced and have four children all under the age of 10. My ex and I used to have sex regularly, even when the end was in sight. Now that I'm alone, I don't have time to date really, but want to be sexually active. I was never one for one night stands, but on the rare occasion I have a night off that seems the only option. Is there any other way?


I too was divorced at one time, didn't have much time for myself, always working for me and my two sons. But, I started going to Trim and Swim and got into better shape and found my future husband through one of the managers. I dated him for 1 1/2 years, then we discussed marriage and were married for 27 years, till his death. You have got to make time for dating, mingling with other adults, and not just for a one night stand either, for your own maturity, there is other options. You need to grow up too before you start letting men take control of your emotions. Yur have four children, they need to know Mom is setting a excellent example for them, and that doesn't include sex for every occasion. Again, there are other options, think about them. I recently started dating after 7 years of no sex at all. I still have not had sex and I am quite happy with my relationship with my boyfriend. He treats me like a lady and I treat him like a gentleman. He's quite romantic, as am I, and we enjoy each other company very much, it's not all about sex. Believe me.