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Difference between friendliness and flirtation

Published on January 1, 2012 by ilikecharlene

There is a manager in my workplace who often stops in the corridor when I walk by and make small talk. I am 24 and a junior employee, whilst she is roughly 35 and a senior manager. Is she being just friendly, or is more at hand? I do not see her talk to other junior people.


It doesn't matter what she thinks. If you value your job, don't date people in management. It could easily jeopardize your job.

It means she likes you and values your opinion. I wouldn't think anything of it unless she actually says or does something that's not appropriate for work.

Lots of female managers talk with their younger hires, and enjoy chit-chatting. It means nothing more to them than a warm working relationship.

However, if she steps over the line and does something unprofessional (asks you out alone for drinks after work, spends every lunch or coffee break with you, or touches you), I would politely show some reserve and decline the gestures.

Don't date your boss. It's a one-way ticket to trouble.