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Did my boyfriend cheat?

Published on August 3, 2010 by mmw4mgl

My bf checked his facebook on my laptop and didn't log out so when i tried to get on mine ... there his was. i'm not usually a snooper but one of my friends doesn't like my bf. her previous bf cheated on her numerous times so she's wary that i will get hurt the same way. i just wanted to prove her wrong by seeing that i had nothing to worry about. bad idea. the first message in his inbox was a very detailed letter from a girl about how they had hooked up and what he had said and what his friends had said etc etc. but there was no response from him and she had been blocked. when i asked him about it i started off w/ an apology for snooping to which he responded i could look through anything of his anytime. about the issue ... he said the girl is crazy, she stalked him and that ever happened. he never slept w/ her. i want to believe him but would i be stupid for doing so? because i will not be w/ a cheater.