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Did I mess this up? Am I annoying her?

Published on November 17, 2013 by lobsir

I started liking a girl in my college class a few weeks ago, and recently it seemed like she also had interest in me. So I asked for her number and she gave it to me.

I texted her 2 days ago and we talked for about 5 or so hours. (Really good conversations) But its a bit strange she kept asking me "Are you tired" "Shouldn't you be sleeping soon?" and other similar things. But I digress. Around 2:30 am I said good night. And we made plans to play pc the next day. (also noting that she uses lol and smiley faces pretty often.)

The next day I texted her around one and asked if she was ready to play. We never played but we talked for around 2 hours or so. She said exactly, "Lol mmk! I have to get ready for work so I can't text you then. I'll text you later after work, okay?"

So around 10 I was expecting a text, but it never came. So I texted her at like one or so if she was still up. She apologized for not texting. But this conversation was very awkward. Almost like she didn't want to be talking. She said "aren't you tired" .Seeing she seemed annoying, I ended the conversation. Said night and left.

Today I texted her around 3 talking about a power outage at my house.(sort of a joke) and still no response.

Should I just let her be? We seemed to get along amazingly the first night and the 2nd day. Should I not have texted her the second night? I don't want to come off as annoying to her.


I'm sorry to say, chances are you overwhelmed her by not knowing when to stop.If someone says to you, "Don't you have to go to sleep?" they are hinting at the call being too long. Yes it might have been fun, but that took up a lot of time and she probably doesn't want to get into a series of marathons with you.

It's time to move on. And when you do, no matter how much fun the conversation is with the next woman, don't go past an hour. There's always more to say another day. The last thing you want to do is appear clingy, needy or that you'll want too much of a woman's time. If you want to get to know someone, ask her out on a date. And end that after a few hours as well.

I think she was interested in you, but you were smothering her with the non-stop texting. Try backing off a bit.