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Did I make the right choice ?

Published on December 9, 2010 by smichelle

Me and this guy have been dating for 5 months . When I first met him I was in a relationship so of course we could'nt be together . However , we became really close . I broke up with my ex boyfriend and me and him began to spend more time with eachother . He has traits that I would want my husband to have except his has children . I was in the beginning turned completely off and I still struggled with it . Everything then became cool with us and I really begin to like him and start catching feelings for him . He was my friend before my boyfriend and I loved that about him . I want to say about a month ago I noticed a text in his phone from an ex girlfriend saying that she missed him and etc . I got upset and he explained to me that it was nothing going on between them . Then a few weeks after I seen that the same girl texted him again so I read the text message and all the rest of the text messages he wrote to her and it wrote to her that he loved her and when I asked him about it . He said it was nothing but a game between her and him and he tells her what she wants to hear . Blah Blah ! I cursed him out and broke up with him . So about a week later he wrote me saying how I messed up and I took him back . So recently he tells me that his son mother is pregnant again with his baby which will make this baby #3 . I instantly get upset because I feel like damn just one thing after another . He says to me this was before me and they made an agreement to have this baby because she didn't want to have two differnt fathers for her child . Then also explains to me that he just found out which I find out to bs . However , She just had the baby yesterday but she told him she was due next month . So today when I seen him I was very uncomfortable , I wanted to see him but in the same breath I didn't . So I just told him that we should just be friends because I don't think that I'm mature enough to handle your life . He got upset . I told him I felt like I've been cheated on even though he said it happen before me . I'm missing him terribly and now my sadness is turning into anger .I wrote him a long anger message . I feel like I made the right choice but then I don't . Where am I going wrong ? Did I make the right choice ? How can I handle my anger better ?


you did the right choice,u have the right to b he has to pay for 3 kids.find someone with less responsability