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Did I make a mistake?

Published on March 2, 2010 by lve_chic

So this guy and I have been hanging out for almost two weeks now...we click really well...we love hanging out with each other and he usually texts me a lot throughout the day. He likes to play his guitar to me...and we like watching movies together. We've made out but that's about it. Well the other night I went over to his house and I hung out with him and his friends...after they left we started making out in his room and we ended up having sex...I didn't really think about it...I was just really caught up in the moment and it happened....I've never had sex with a guy that soon...Afterwards when we were cuddling is when it hit me and i was like wow we moved so fast...he looked at me and gave me kiss and said don't worry about it. Well I stayed the night and he took me out to breakfast at a restaurant and later we went back to his place he put in a movie then I went home and he texted me later that day. Well I texted him back and everything was cool. I just feel so weird. I really hope things don't change. I want us to talk we used to but he hasn't talked to me the whole day and he never replied to a text I sent him last night. And he didn't talk to me all day yesterday and today. I think it's weird that he just completely stopped talking to me. I haven't texted him since the other night when he texted me back. I don't know what to do! Did I make the mistake of sleeping with him too soon? I hope not because I'd really like to get to know him better and see what happens with us. You think I messed up the chances of us actually working out?


yes that was wrong... some guy when they see a girl that they really want they would do anything to get in their pants... it sound like a love stroy how he was doing all those thing for you, and taking you out to breakfast (((really sweet!!m no one does that anymore))) but you should of waited at least four month depending on if you really want to be in a relationship with him or not... now that he has what he wants your onllly going to be just another girl he slept with... i'm not trying to say your a stupid person but girls like you make guys think they could have whatever they wants... (((sorry for making it sound mean, i'm really a nice person))) :-)

i think waiting for at least two months is a good rule of thumb, you can weed the dogs out that way. guys are just weird, if they get the booty before they establish an emotional bond it can make them lose interest almost instantly. him not texting you for two days is not that bad btw, maybe shoot him a quick playful text and if he doesnt text you back then its time to move on and accept that you made a mistake.

If he senses something is wrong with you or that you were thinking you made a mistake he might be giving you your space. It may not necessarily be a case of 'he got what he wanted and lost interest.' Maybe you should ask him if he wants to meet up and maybe tell him how you feel and where you would like things to go in the relationship. If you continue with the relationship, you should wait until you are 100 percent comfortable before sleeping with him again. If he really likes you and respects you, he'll be okay with that. But if he doesn't seem interested in seeing you or talking to you again, you'll know he was only interested in getting in your pants and use more caution next time.

Actually, I disagree with most of the other advice. Not talking to you for a day is really not that long. It just seems longer because you are obsessing about it.

Take a deep breath. You can't change what happened, but you can change how you react to it. If he senses you are freaking out (and you are) he might feel like you regret your time together. Take some time to calm down and get some perspective. Then, give him a call and set up a date.

On the date (and in person), tell him how much you enjoyed your time together and how it made you hope that you two had a future together. See how it goes from there.

He actually texted me yesterday and things got better. We texted all day so I guess that's a good sign.