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Did I handle it right?

Published on August 6, 2010 by simpli_marjulia

I broke up with my boyfriend yesterday. When we met we were perfect with each other...but we fell off. I'm going to college, in florida, andi told him that when I met him. I felt like we had a connection that no one could come between. We fell off. Hard. I feel like I wasnt in the wrong, but he made me seem like I was. He became very unappreciative, and mean to me. I didnt understand what I was doing. I think that he was holding back on his feelings because he knew i was leaving..and thats fine but i think he went about it the wrong way. Am i wrong? He made me happy at points, but at the same time he made me feel like him being with me was pointless. He started pointless argumentless arguments with me. Was it to push me away because he knew i was leaving? Was he doing it to test me? Or Was he doing it becasuse he just wanted me to leave him alone?


He's just upset and you are over-analyzing the situation.He knew you were going off to school and what the consequences would be behind that. He should be very supportive of your future no matter what. But right now he needs time to cool off. When he is ready to apologize and speak to you in a civil matter he will. But for now, continue to do YOU and good luck with school!

Is there a question in your question, or are you going through the QA all by yourself? lol