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did I come on too strong?

Published on April 6, 2014 by bridgetjames

Okay so I've been talking to this guy for the past month now. We are cool nothing has been established relationship wise just hanging out getting to know eachother (which is cool that's all I want at the moment no rush). He would text me everyday/all the time on break. He even started calling me boo, love, baby and hun. At first I thought it was a little weird and off putting, but I decided to go with the flow because he was cute and sweet and was driving an hour and 30 minutes to see me.

So we started hanging out weekly and he told me he didnt want me talking to anybody because he really liked me and I agreed because I do/did like him so we would kiss the whole 9 (no sex) and I would tease him a little bit sexually when he would give me back rubs kinda or something. But the last time we hung out I was messing with him and teasing him and I could feel he kinda was a little weird. I asked him after he lefted and he said he didnt know if I was playing or not since I told him I wanted to wait and I guess he didn't want to make the wrong move or something. Well after that day hes just been weird. Like his text messages gotten absolutely shorter he barely texts me at all and when he does he has an attitude. I even asked him to hang out if he want and he was like thats cool and a normal response from him would be like I miss you etc. So I was like um ok then and he texted me back asking me whats my problem (weird). I told him their was no problem that his text was a lot of one words and that if he didn't want to talk to me let me know. He responded back saying his text messages hasn't been one words and that was the last I heard from him all day. So I'm like damn did I scare him off? Did I come way to sexual? even though he has a sexual personality and that how we would joke often.(confused)


Dear bridgetjames,

The only way to cut through all of the confusion and really find out is to straight up ask him. Meet with him in person and tell him what you've noticed and ask him if you came on too strong for his tastes.

It sounds more like there's an emotional game going on now rather than real honesty about what's going on. Either you two are in a relationship or really dating, or you're just doing whatever. Sounds like you guys need to figure out what's going on so you can clear up the relationship confusion as well.

But just ask him. That's the only way to know.