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Did he really kiss her when he was drunk?

Published on January 3, 2012 by pamita

I like this friend of mine and he likes me back, I've already posted another post about our situation but this is a new one. We've been on a casual date together already and everything went perfect (:

However the day before new years eve I had a dream that he kissed another girl infront of me (she provoked him in my dream), he saw me and continued kissing, I cried and ran away...

On new years eve I had a strange feeling that my dream might come true...I told my bestfriend how I was feeling about him going out on new years eve and about my dream ( a guy who's also bestfriends with the guy I like). It's not that I would be jealous, but I was more concerned of him doing something that he would later regret, and that could hurt me...The next day (1jan2012) I asked him how it went and he said it was fun, he was drunk and picked up a girl and got kicked out of the bar (which I didn't quite understand). My bestfriend (the guy) asked him what happend, and he told me that the guy I liked said this

Him: well you know, i made out and stuff but nothing special,
i dont know it didnt feel right, i think im just gonna find a nice girl and stick with her for a while xD or not, i dunno

Him: bro, its fine, she was drunk too, i dont remember half of it, she didnt even know my name and it was for like 3 seconds


I'm not sure if he just said that to show off cause he was talking to a guy...But I'm assuming he's talking about me being the "Nice Girl", he mentions the "Nice Girl" a lot to his other friends, saying that he needs a "Nice Girl" someone fun, a good friend, and well I'm assuming he's talking about me since he told me he really likes me...But I'm just wondering if he really kissed the girl, or if it's a lie


 - Thank you for taking the time to read and answer, it really helps! :D