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Did he ever love me or was it all a game?

Published on June 21, 2009 by sweetpain

It has been 2 months since we broke up. We were together for 2 years. I did everthing possible to save this relationship because I thought he was the one. It all started when I went away to study for 4 months in Europe, and when I came back he told me that he was having fun with his friends when I was away!! who says that to the person they "love". this is after he ignored me for a month before i came back. He was very very afraid of committment. I broke up with him after returning and after a month or so he call me back crying and how things were not going good for him and that he needed me. I gave him a second chance, and he promised he would change. He never did! I saw him twice after getting back together, since he lives 3hrs away, and he never came to see me after that cuz he was so busy. We fought constantly and I was going crazy. In the end, on the day of our 2yr anniver. I msg him to let him know I still love him even with the fights and he doesnt talk to me for 4 days, no answer to my msg. He msgs me after all those days and "informs" me that there is no solution to our problems and he would call the next day to talk. He calls, puts me on hold for 20mins and then like there was nothing wrong he tells me its over. What is this guy thinking, 2yrs and thats it??? I was close to perfect with this guy and now he has moved on and has a new gf, not even a month after we broke up. How can he move on so quick? Did he even love me or liked being in a relationship where he got everything he wanted and once I stopped taking all his bs, he broke it off and moved to his next victim. thanks for reading all of this.


I'm sorry you're going thru this. I feel your pain, I posted the question, 'player or coward'. Be strong and move forward with your life. He doesn't value you. You deserve better, much better. Let him be, you don't deserve to be treated that way, none of us do. You have closure, it's over, learn from it and move on. Know this - "It's not how hard you fall, but the grace you show in the rise back up, Keep smiling and treasure your lost loves, for they are always in your heart. They are the stepping stones that lead you to your destiny. Honesty and Integrity above all else". You are one step closer to finding your true love. Cross him off your list, he is not 'the one'. Love yourself enough to know you are better off leaving him in your past. Growing pains are not easy to get thru, but you have to learn from it and keep on living. Life is an uphill battle - Miley Cyrus 'the climb'. Oh but what's on the other side can be incredible, well worth the climb. I hope this helps, you're not alone.

Thank you for your response Chelsea. You are right, I deserve better. I have been through so much with that person and it hurts soo bad to know that he never loved me like I did. I know I have to move on and concentrate on myself and find someone who will adore me. It really helps to know that I am not alone.

I know exactly where you are coming from. I dated a looser of a guy for up to almost a year ago , who left me 40 times and always come back. Yes, 40 times, I have every episode recorded on a piece of paper. I was saying the same things as you but, the problem with this theory is, he only used you and when he seen that his gravy train had sailed out, he was no longer available to you. It's been about a month and I thought getting married to this looser in the courthouse would make us closer, how stupid that was! I'm going to see about getting an annulment or getting a divorce. Don't try to see something that is not there. I just met a new friend and he is no better. If the man can't keep their hands off you and control themselfs, they need to look elsewhere because you are not a cheap toy just to use for their benefit! My friend come over today to visit and tried this stupid little stunt and I told him to get the HELL out of my house and never come back, and I hope he dont.