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Published on November 14, 2012 by danny100

Hi there. There is this girl I used to date a few months back. We met at work and that was the main basis of our relationship. Within a month of us dating, our contracts expired and she thought it was best to leave things and knowing I might not get to see her again, I agreed.

Even though we never met each other after that we still kept in touch online. However, I am about to join work in the same place as she is and Im worried it would make it uncomfortable for her to work with me now. Mainly because she has moved on from me and I’m afraid I haven't. So I thought it's best to ask her if she would feel uncomfortable working with me again. Do you think it would be a good idea? Knowing her, I don't want to startle her by turning up for the same job out of thin air. But I can only contact her online which is not the best means.

I know that if we do get over this phrase and work together again our relationship would be much stronger and we’d be all over each other. To be honest I’m crazy about her. I’ve still got all her photos all around my room. I want this to work but I have a feeling she’s had enough of me.

Last I heard from her she told me she had an interview and hoped she got that job. But she didnt reply when I asked if she'd got the job, (I think she has and knows I might apply for the same place too). I had my interview for the same place afterwards and already got an offer to work there. So I want to know how to approach her without putting her on the spot. Because if she knew I got the job, she might decline her application. Even worse she might think it was a bad idea to even tell me where she was looking forward to work and cut off communication. I dont want her to feel like its dejavu. What should I do? Thank you


Concern yourself with whatever job is best for you, and don't think about where she will be working, etc. She's just not that into you, and to think you'll get back together is unrealistic. Take down the photos of her. She is a brief moment in your past now. If you see her at work, be cordial to her like you would with any other employee, and leave it at that. There will be a woman in your future who will be crazy about you, then you won't end up feeling frustrated and unfulfilled. Before you find her, you need to get this other woman out of your mind. If that means not working at the same place as her and you have many job options, I'd probably choose not to work at her workplace. If you do end up working with her, train your brain to start thinking of her as just another co-worker. Good luck.