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dealing with an ex

Published on May 8, 2010 by bbishara6

i dated this girl for 9months which i loved. I was her first serious long term relationship, during this period she was always an anxious person, with high expecations of what a male should do/provide. I tried to change the small things to be better at(showing up on time, doing more thoughtful things etc like any typical male sucks at ). She broke up with me recently telling me i was not challening her enough, or being her spiritual leader amongst some things. She also said she needed space to work on her anger issues, and be a better person, i said i understand. I find out she joined a dating site within the same week looking for men in the city she will move to come end of this month, what a slap in the face that was. When i said why did you do this, she says its because I wanted to see what kind of other men were out there, when you said i would not find someone like you , i got scared ( i personally believe this is bullshit). I haven't talked to her in a week or so, i know she has added men off this dating site, probably will meet them too, should i just give up on this woman, seeing how things are now?


You are not dating here. So you shouldn't be upset that she is looking to see other people in fact, her being on the dating site doesn't concern you at all. You are broken up. She was very clear about that. Yes, I think you should give up on her and move on.