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Daydreaming About Casual Sex

Published on May 10, 2014 by punkmermaid

I know this is a problem within myself and it really bothers me that no matter who I'm with I eventually start to desire other men. I'm 29 and have been dating my current boyfriend almost a year. I know this is who I want to have kids with one day. He's perfect, patient, and extremely romantic. We get along so well and we never fight. I really have a too good to be true boyfriend, but lately I think the fact that our relationship is long term is what has made me desire and crush on others. Sex is a vice of mine even though I'm usually way more miserable single that in a relationship. My normal mo is that when this desiring others thing starts to happen I break up with who I'm with because I don't cheat, but this case feels so different. I'm in love with my boyfriend. It's like a druggie desiring a drug after being sober a long time. I just enjoy flirting and having sex with multiple people. I can control it and know it only brings problems, but the desire and daydreaming makes me feel guilty and upset even though I know this is somewhat normal to a degree. I usually felt upset and I satisfied after I master-bate.