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Dating with a physical limitation-MS

Published on May 10, 2014 by prim808

How and when do you offer info on a health problem--=MS? I have had it for over 35 years and still walk--but, somethings are hard. Steep stairs, long walks, etc..


Living with any chronic illness is a challenge in all aspects of life - especially dating. "Invisible illnesses" like MS, lupus, or diabetes are extra-difficult because it's incumbent upon the sick person to initiate the topic. In my experience as a health psychologist, it's best to bring it up early on in the dating relationship. Not the first date for sure - that's just a chance to decide if you like each other well enough to go on a second date. But somewhere between the first date, and when it seems likely that this might be turning into "something," you should have that conversation. Don't bring it up like it's a terrible thing. Sure, there's a downside, but we've all got some issues. Over 50% of us are living with one or more chronic health issues, so you may not be alone! Mention it as something you feel is important to share, and that you know how to manage effectively, and be prepared to answer some questions - or get some support and empathy. Good luck with this dating dilemma.