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dating someone else man

Published on September 13, 2013 by lilmsexy29

hey, I'm 28, recently broke up with my ex two months ago. me and his sister boyfriend would chill together and just talk. his girl friend has cheated on him like three months ago. he tells me he doesn't love he's only there for her son. they have no kids together. he tells all the time on how unhappy he his and just want to leave. her son has a disability . he knows. she want take the time out to spend time with him. we have shared kisses, and had sex twice. now that we are not leaving together anymore I feel like I miss something, I think about him every day, and the same with him. I know what I'm doing is wrong and he do to. I can't make him leave her. and when here son is not his,he believes. she want let him see him. help


If he's not planning to leave her for you, than you need to end the relationship. He belongs with someone else, at least for the moment. You need to be especially sensitive to the situation, as there is a child involved, even if it isn't his. It sucks, I know, but if he's not planning to end his relationship with her, you can't go on cheating with him.