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dating problem

Published on May 2, 2012 by mrmr555

i am dating someone and he always praising me and said that i am better than him as i am a doctor and he call me dr and not my name for respecting me and i feel he is putting a barrier between us. what can i do?


Tell him just what you've said here. You feel a barrier when he call you doctor. If he doesn't abide by your wishes, he's either a controlling person, and certainly doesn't care about your wishes. When you have a reasonable request and your partner doesn't abide by it, it means they don't care. Time to move on to someone else. Good luck.

As a Dr myself, I can tell you this: He is making fun of you. Tell him about the barrier, and how you feel about this. If he doesn't listen to something this minor, then it is best to move on.

See, not even doctors are the best spellers and the best with grammer. Tell him that.