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Dating a guy who don't really call

Published on January 3, 2012 by thehonestone

Im dating a guy who I been friends with for 7 months . We communicate off and on and we have sex when we do hook up! For 2 months out of the 7 months he lived with me because he was going through a breakup but even after the breakup he decided to stay single. He moved out my place back with mom but still have colthes here in my closet... This man when he does comes over always tell me how my h he loves me and I look like I could be his wife but rarely see me anymore minus the 2 months he was with me. What should I do? Keep not calling him until he contacts me or contact him and tell him to his things ? I don't wanna lose him.


Keep him as a friend if you want. No sex, unless you want a friend with benefits and get his things out of your closet. If he was serious about you, he would call.