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Dating a married guy

Published on January 29, 2014 by nandini

I am a girl of 23. I am in a relationship with a man for last 10 months. Very recently I came to know that he is married. That also for 6 years. He is now of 28. Presently he is going through the divorce proceedings. He doesn't have any children. He kept the matter totally secret from me all these days. He claims that he loves me and was afraid of loosing me so for that reason he kept me unknown about the fact. He stays separate from his wife for about a year. He said that he is unable to stay with his wife as they had frequent fights between them. And most importantly he claims that I am not an issue or reason for his separation from his wife. He often says me that he will die without me. I am very confused what to do with him. Actually he did a lot for me. He supported and helped me in my extreme problems. I am thankful to him but at the same time I am feeling trapped too. I can't discuss this matter with my family or friends. I am feeling so very helpless. I do fear that if I do step back from this relationship then he could commit suicide as he is becoming violent day by day. He is over possessive about me and keeps me tracking every time. At the same time as a girl I don't wanna spoil another girl life. I don't wanna get tagged as home wrecker. What should I do? Please do suggest me some positive ways to get rid out of this problem of mine.