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Dating 21 years old guy... Im 29 and married .... Please help with advice

Published on July 2, 2010 by tata

Im thirty years old, married for five years and have two kids. My husband is working away already for two years and we see each other only on the weekends. He loves me, but unfortunately I dont feel the same. 4 month ago I have started to date a guy who is 21, but mature 21.... He loves my kids, we have loads in common, and whats important sex life is great. I dont know what to do:((( I was thinking to leave my husband but it is not easy - as we have already two kids and if i divorce him i will be completely financialy insecure, I am also not sure if my "lover-boyfriend" is ready to take such responsibility ( me and my kids) at such an early age. And obviously im worried that he is so young and after couple more years he will be bored having "an old lady". Im completely lost. Please please help me - any suggestions wiil be appreciated


How many lives are you going to screw up with your behavior? You don't love your husband? Then LEAVE! Your reasons for messing with this guy are selfish and totally self-serving. You don't love anybody. You can't love your kids like you're supposed to, because you wouldn't set the kind of example that you're setting. You don't love your husband because you're only staying with him for financial reasons. You don't love the guy because you're too worried about whether or not he can handle the responsibilities.

What goes around, comes around. Recognize payback when it comes.

I promise you NOTHING good will come of this situation. Adultery is sin PERIOD I don't care what your excuses are or what the circumstances are and one day you WILL answer for your actions. I pray for you to see this and rectify your life before it's too late.