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D creator create women 2 please d eye and trouble d mind

Published on May 3, 2010 by spartan

I was dating dis girl and i love her so much i tot she love me too bcos she alway tell me "she do"..she lik travling and she lik hanging out wit friends, so one sunday she told me she wants 2 travel it sounds strange 2 my hearing bcos she dont lik traveling on sundays' so i hv no choice order dan 2 wish her safe journey. 30mins after she left i noticed she 4got her phone, on my way 2 searc 4 hr i decide 2 tell my best friend so dat he'll kp me compny, 2 my greatest supprise my g.f was lying down wit him nacked on his foam.I realy dont kw wat 2 do and I've bn single and searching since den. Bt i will lik 2 date someone online. Pals tell me what 2 do and u can reach me tru my Email;"" Am always online