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Published on May 22, 2012 by tmaurice

My spouse had me arrest to gain custody. He has hired a father's right attorney and committed fraud so I thought. I was a full time wife and mother to our two boys up until the day I was removed from our home and accused of domestic violence. I have been moving around from friends to friends homes. How do I get my kids back or prove the courts that he and his attorney plotted this hateful defense? FYI I was the one who asked for divorce and I was the one who actually filed.


What a horrible situation! Unfortunately there is no easy way to manage this kind of power play.

If you don't have an attorney yourself, get one immediately. Ask if this attorney is prepared to contest this kind of attack. If she or he is not, ask for a referral to a different attorney.

Ask your attorney what she is going to do and what you can do to help. Follow your attorney's advice to the letter.

Unfortunately, this may take a long time to resolve.

You're story leaves out a lot of information, but in general, you'll have to get an attorney.

You need an attorney. Pre-emptive DV charges for custody are not that uncommon. You need a good attorney NOW.