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Curiously frustrated!

Published on January 29, 2013 by h0p3l3ss

Hmmmmm where to begin.

Was browsing on a popular dating site. I came across a a profile where I had "liked" all of her pics. I then received a wink, I replied with "thank you for the wink." She emailed me with a very interested comment. We ended up talking on the phone within 2 hours. Other than her looks (gorgeous), she seemed a genuine person so I proceeded by asking her out. We went out last night, great conversations! She hinted quite a few times that she's enjoying the company and asked me if the feeling was reciprocal, I agreed. She stared at me with all smiles while I spoke and 99% throughout the whole date. It was getting late and she had to wake up early in the morning, so I drove her home. I attempted to get out of my car to walk her to her apartment, she said it wasn't necessary and that she insisted. So we said our goodbye's, she smiled and got out of the car. OK.... I know it's early but no text and no call. Should I do the 3 day rule of waiting? Before taking her home, I asked her if she was a serial dater? She said no. OK... so.....HEEEELLLPPPP! Her presence makes me feel very vulnerable in every way. I was all smiles the whole time we were talking.