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Published on August 27, 2013 by cmspurple

Hey I have a crush on a guy that I've known for 3-4 months from work and at first I didn't let myself believe I liked him but now I realized that I do like him. The only problem is that he's leaving for university in a week so I was wondering if I should tell him or not since I won't see him again till next summer. I feel like I should tell him since I'm going to miss him since he's such a nice guy. Today I saw him at the grocery store right after texting him and it was one of those moments where you stare at them from across the room, I'm wondering if its a coincidence or not and im not sure if he likes me back but he teases me alot. Help me please!!


Go for it! If he’s leaving soon, than you have nothing to lose. But be prepared; he might not want to make any bonds since he’s about to leave.

ya its just im going into grade.11 so hes 2 years older than me and his brother also works at my work which means if i tell my crush then his brother may find out and tell everyone so i may just leave it so i dont put myself in an embarassing situation.

If you don’t feel 100% about it, don’t do it. These things should be comfortable for everyone involved.

Ok thanks for your advice I will leave it for now and when he comes back from university next summer I will do something about it if i still like him