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Crush in somebody

Published on August 6, 2012 by tangocash

I don't know how to get over of this. This girl at my gym, very pretty. Look at me and smile, and it happens for four days. The 5th day, I said, I will talk to her, at least introduce myself and say hi. However, she act like she never saw me before on that day, and then she left the gym. I couldn't find her anywhere, I just feel rejected, with be able to tell her who I am. It has been very hard for me. I wish I had the opportunity to meet her, even if we would never go out together.


Don't come across as a creepy guy stalking a lady at the gym. She maybe in a relationship. She maybe very pretty and onto herself. Just cause she,s pretty that dpesnt mean there is much to her personality.

Thanks Macy Starz. I guess your righ. I had a crush on her for while. And the way things developed, made me see myself as a creepy. She is the one that started, and I didn't even think she was looking at me. I feel kind weird going to gym now, without being able to say anything.

yeah seems like an awkward situation. Women appreciate sincerity. Jus say hi or how r u and leave it there.

Here's the deal: you are too into this woman. You don't even know her and you are fixated on her so much so that you have to come here to this site to ask for advice. She obviously thinks you are worth her smiles so why do you feel so rejected that she didn't smile at you this one day? Maybe she felt rejected by you, maybe she had a bad day at work, maybe she was angry at herself for having gained three pounds over the weekend...who knows what she's thinking?! You are making everything about you and your significance to her and you don't even know her. I feel like you have a lot of issues with your self-confidence and some paranoia about the way people see you. Rejection seems very hard for you to take and that tells me that you need to develop your self-worth. How can you do this? Are you in therapy? You need to find a way to work through your self-image issues, otherwise you will not be able to have a relationship because everything a woman does will feel like a rejection of who you are as a person. A relationship is full of compromise and dealing with issues and if you feel wounded by every small rejection from women who you don't even know yet, you will never be able to have a good relationships with women who actually do know you and can have real, valid opinions about you. I'm sure you are a good man and have many good qualities. Find ways to face the qualities about yourself that you think are not worth loving. I highly recommend therapy because I don't want you to be alone in life, left to be obsessing over strangers who don't even know your name. You deserve a real relationship or at least you deserve to have a nicer brain in your head that allows you to not carry so much fear of rejection! All the best to you!

Thanks Kristina for your opinion, a little too harsh in some points, but thanks though. It is a crush, not an obsession. I guess when you don't know a lot of people willing to help you with an advise/opinion is the reason to come to this website, isn't it? thx anyway.:-)