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Crossroads. Breakup or Wait?

Published on July 23, 2013 by valentina

I happen to be completely confused. My boyfriend & I have been together for 6 months, a long-distance relationship although we get to see each other every two months. We have a 16year-age difference, but get a long perfectly.

For the past few months, I've been helping him look for a job where I live, although I made it clear to consider relocating in-case he couldn't have a chance. He complains about work, stress, life every single day, and it has really taken a toll on me. Recently, he has returned from a holiday with his parents and has been very emotional about how much he misses them and wants to go back. We are supposed to be going on a holiday together, but now he wants to cancel our holiday and go back to see his parents again. I realized that our personalities are very different since I'm an optimist yet he's always finding a reason to complain and be sad or see things negatively. He freaked out and started being impulsive by saying that he will relocate to where his parents live, and I previously did mention that I wouldn't mind that but he mentioned that our relationship will not work if I relocated which completely didn't make sense.

He wrote me a message saying he'll call me tomorrow, but I know he'll be apologizing for being impulsive and taking all these words back. In my head, I feel like I must let this go before next year comes and he relocates and I'd then be dumped because he'll have more reasons to get paranoid over finding a new job there.

I'm strong enough to deal with a breakup but old memories come back and I feel sad.

HELP!! I want to be there for him, but it's such a risk, shall I move on? shall I just be his friend?

Thanks a lot.