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couple seeking another woman

Published on January 23, 2013 by terrellandkelly

my husband and i are trying to find another woman to be with us. not anything casual we are looking for something serious. how can we find the right person? are there any good sites that we can go to?


We start out by saying that we have tried 4 different sites and found that only one site that we know of where the people you may talk to are real. That being said we did stop using them few month ago mainly because the site that had real women we already new the women so it didn't help much. Now they way we found our first female friend was we knew her and talk with her about what we thought was important thing to learn before we did anything with her, this lasted for 18 months to 2 year then she moved away.Just when we thought we would be able to find another women that we both were attracted to we opened our eyes and there she was in our life for a few years already and as we got to know her better we both feel in love with her and that was 5 years ago and we didn't just jump in the sack with her we felt something for her that was different and we didn't want to mess it up with sex right away almost like when you meet the one just for you and the best thing was that when we did and now do get intimate with her we (all 3 of us) make love and with mind blowing passion which to us is 10000 times better the just sex so search wisely and choose the one you love.

Think long and hard before you try this. It works out well for for some (such as as Mmman54495, above), but most couples who try it end up having one or both people regretting it.