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Could he be in love with me?

Published on September 16, 2012 by andrel74

We met on line and in 2 weeks, we exchanged email address and phone Numbers but physically met 7 weeks after. Its nearly 4 months and we have been physical, we meet mid week for dinner date. Fridays to Sundays we stay together, go for long week ends. The problem is- before we physically met, he would email that he likes me a lot. when he has to go away, he will text to say he misses me. Since we are meeting in person, I have not heard the words : I like you anymore. His actions does communicate that he would has some feelins. I am scared to mention, incidentally he has been divorced # years ago, and maybe some reservations could be there. what do you think?


I think online relationships can be very alluring.. there's a certain excitement and mystique that can be lacking when two people are face-to-face.. truthfully he probably does like you A LOT but that initial excitement has dwindled a bit.. also, whether online or not, most relationships tend to be more exciting in the beginning anyway.. you should just talk to him. maybe he does have some reservations that he wouldn't mind sharing with you but doesnt know how to open up..

Just keep returning to the facts and try not to over-think this. There could be a lot of different reasons why he's not verbalizing that he likes you now that you meet in person.

Without accusing or criticizing, you could tell him that he means a lot to you and ask him how he feels about you. You could even tell him that you feel _ when you hear that he likes you.

Keep the focus on asking (in a non-critical way) for more of what you do want.

Best Wishes, Susie and Otto

Congratulations on moving from online to in-life dating. It sounds like you have taken it slow, but have spent quality time getting to know each other better.

You mentioned that prior to spending time together, he would email how he feels. For some people, it is easier to communicate feelings that can make someone vulnerable through email, text or letters. Now that you are spending more time together, he may be too shy to say how he feels in person.

You can take the initiative and send him a flirty email that says, "Hi, just thinking about you." His reply should help give you an understanding of how he is feeling.

Since you met online, you can keep an online life to your relationship. Continue to flirt, communicate and discuss through email. It may be a more comfortable outlet for him to let you know he likes you, too.

Good luck to you and your Plus One!

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