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continue to give him space, contact him or move on? help!

Published on April 18, 2009 by wishingonastar

I am interested in someone who is going through a lot a the moment, and hasnt been in touch for a few weeks. Id like to get in touch and see how he is but dont want to make a fool of myself if he is not interested and just using problems as an excuse. Should I continue to give him space, contact him or move on?


I don't think there is anything wrong with dropping him a line and letting him know what you miss him and you've been thinking about him. But be prepared to move on.

I agree with Lyz. There is no harm in sending him an email, text, or calling simply to say, "Hey, how have you been?" Just be prepared for rejection.

Do it girl! It can't hurt (too much) just know that if he is not interested, he is not the best match for you at this time. There is never anything wrong with saying "hi" now and again. I noticed you asked this question a few days ago...have you already contacted him? If so how did it go?