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To contact or not to contact a guy that is the question?

Published on November 5, 2012 by jewels7683

Long story short, went on a date with an awesome guy Saturday night. We talked all last week, hit off really well with texting and calling and then really hit it off well on Saturday. He called to make sure I got home safely and texted me when he got home. I was asleep when he got home so I texted him back yesterday morning. We texted on and off all day because he said he was with his grandad helping him with some things. I texted him and told him to call me if he wanted when he got done but he told me his phone was dying and that he was staying with his grandad because his grandad didn't feel well and that if he didn't call me that he would call me in the morning. I told him ok and that I hoped his grandad felt better. Then a few mintues later I texed him and told him I was going to do some reading and thinking and then go to sleep. Told him I hoped his grandad felt better and that I hoped he slept well. I didn't get a call. I normally text him in the mornings but I have yet to this morning because he said he would call. Should I call or text him or just wait till he contacts me? I know this sounds so teenager but I am really bad about judging this sort of stuff and I dont want to mess things up by contacting too much. Advice about what I should do would be great. Thanks!


Although it is important to let a guy know that you are interested, it is my opinion to let the man take the lead in the relationship. If he told you that he would call, then I would definitely wait on that call. You can easily push a guy away if seem too needy. In the meantime, keep yourself busy and concentrate on things you like to do. Certainly don't make your day all about sitting by the phone. To be a successful single, you need to be busy and doing things that make you happy. You will be more attractive to him if you are happy and not stressed out about the relationship.