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confustion, respoinsiblity and happiness

Published on January 12, 2014 by emilyclare07

ok, here is the problem. i really like this guy and he can make me very happy and the whole works and we are not together YET, but right now he is very sick. So since i was told my a friend that is a nurse that he should actually be hospitalized and usually the hospital has you stay until your 100% better. I asked him about it and he admitted that he didnt even take his medicine until a month after he knew he was suppose to take it (he has been sick for two months now). He also told me that he will NEVER go and be hospitalized for anything... and this is what bugs me. he seems to be immature or thinks he is invincible and i am not sure what to do.. I actually ended up telling him that he needs to think about everything and what he wants because i dont think i can be with someone let alone invest so much time of my life and heart to someone if they dont even value you their own life. not sure if that was the right or wrong thing to do but thats what i did.. I know he has to be mature and smart because his job requires it but i am unsure of what to do.. he doesnt really understand or know how to deal with another person like this because no one really cared, his family was not very close or helpful at all at a young age for him. Let alone he doesnt understand how women are in the mind.

how do i handle this situation ? what do i do to help him out and everything?

I am leaving for the military and i dont really need to worry about him while im gone like this but i also dont want him out of my life or anything.